The FABRIKA beginnings go back to 1985, when TRIO design team was founded. The name FABRIKA was established later in 1989, when a group of TRIO designers decide to expand their studio into an agency. The most important development period for the agency begins in 1997, after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agency develops, employs more professionals and continuously expands its services. In 2000, FABRIKA becomes the biggest domestic independent advertising agency based on its yearly turn-over. Today ranked as on of the three biggest full service marketing agencies in B&H, FABRIKA grows with each year and match with international agencies.


From Concept To Reality. We fuse Creativity With Marketing & Technology to help your Business Growth. We Partner With Our Clients To Drive Results.

  • Audio and Video production
  • Graphic and web design

Before starting the creation process, we analyze with you your different needs, in order to properly structure your project. We need to establish the nature of your project, your objectives, the audience, and the budget. We also need to determine what kind of creation is best for you. Animation, promotional or corporate video, social network campaign, template, layout, branding, logo, etc. With the strategy, we can plan the production according to the schedule. The creative process can begin. In collaboration with you, our team brainstorms in order to analyze and develop different original and daring concepts that will make your project unique and captivating.

  • Digital Strategies – Planning, Implementation and Analysis
  • Digital Content Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing – Management and Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Google Advertising Services - Planning, Implementation and Analysis (Google Display Network, Google Ad words, Google Gmail Advertising, You Tube Advertising)

Digital Media, Digital Presence, you’re not Online, you’re not with your Potential costumer. Connecting and having relation with your costumer has never been easier and more affordable. We can help you to be heard, to send message and present yourself as you want to be seen. We build long-term relationships between people and brands through social interactions and trying to convert your fans to loyal costumers. Content is something that can make a difference on the market and we say content is King of communication, but distribution is Queen.

  • Media buying and research
  • Strategic planning
  • Public relations
  • Event menagment

We focus on delivering relevant and engaging content, grounded in insight, driven by data and distributed via a series of communication channels. We excel at strategic idea generation and creative concepts that are backed by insight, and which support our clients’ overall business objectives. From competitor analysis, a deep delve into business objectives and budgets, to brainstorming campaign concepts and their tactical delivery, our marketing strategies are steeped in experiences that consumers remember and engage with